Möller Wiesn

22 Sep

"Welch' a Gaudi" - Our Oktoberfest was a complete success

One thing is certain: "Möller can not only produce seals. We can also celebrate in style.
On Saturday, 16 September 2023, in the Bernstein Salzland Center in Staßfurt, we celebrated this year's company party with the motto "Möller Wiesn" in the best summer weather.

Whether for the concert by the Jugendblasorchester Staßfurt e.V., the sporting entertainment with the Hecklinger Schützen and the event company EVENTOPOLIS, for the Bavarian specialities of the Bernstein Salzland Center, the magical moments with magician Madou GG - Magic or for the later party with Dj Thomas (Thomas Nagel), there were plenty of reasons to visit the Möller Oktoberfest and so, as usual, numerous employees, business partners, as well as family and close friends of the Möller family gathered at the Center.

There was hearty eating, drinking, celebrating, dancing, swaying, laughing and above all playing. Our activity stands provided the guests with traditional competitions throughout the evening. From can to horseshoe throwing to curling and Maßkrugschieben, there was something for every taste and age. Our employees Stefanie Zapke, Ronald Michalak and David Meiners were crowned the three best competitors of the day and rewarded with great surprises. The prize for the most beautiful Möller girl in a fancy dirndl and the smartest Möller boy in lederhosen was awarded to our employees Sieglinde Schenk and Marcel Krüger after a round of applause. Countless memories were captured by the photo box of Ritchy Stock and our two amateur photographers Katrin Hammer and Thomas Thalmann.

The Möller family was highly satisfied at the end of the day: "The weather was wonderful, there was a great atmosphere at our company party and we are all glad that we can give our employees back a piece of gratitude and recognition for their daily performance at work and our company success with this party."


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