Other Materials

Diversity is our strength

In addition to our standard range, we have a large selection of other gasket materials in stock. In the following overview we list the individual materials and the corresponding data Sheets.

Material Data Sheets
Abil Link to data sheet
Cork rubber PR82-2 datasheet cork rubber PR82-S
Glimmer Link to data sheet
Hardpaper 2061 datasheet hardpaper 2061
Hardboard data sheet hardboard
Kargotec® spezial Link to data sheet
Kargotec® protect Link to data sheet
Lowoflex datasheet Lowoflex
Philan Link to data sheet
Pressboard PSP 3010 data sheet pressboard PSP 3010
Pressboard PSP 3055 data sheet pressboard PSP 3055
vulcanized fiber hard (red) data sheet vulcanized fiber hard
Wool felt gray, white

data sheet wool felt white

data sheet wool felt grey

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