Testing Laboratory

Trust but verify

Sealing joints are essentially determined by the properties of the respective gasket. These properties can be characterized in the form of characteristic values.

The gaskets are tested in our laboratory according to current methods and in compliance with existing regulations. These comprehensive tests are always based on specific gasket characteristics. Among other things, we test the long-term, sealing and deformation properties. We also determine the elastic recovery or the real elasto-plastic behavior of the gasket. Mechanical and electronic measuring methods not only check the inner and outer diameters, but also the form, position and surface tolerances.

Thanks to our modern Amtec test stand, we are able to exactly carry out these tests according to the specifications of DIN EN 13555. It also allows us to carry out tests at temperatures of up to 600°C. Ordinary test stands can only handle temperatures of up to 450°C.

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